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Warhammer 40k: The Devout

As the explosions continued a lone chaos marine could be seen pressing forward untouched. In one hand a cursed bolter pistol with mouth to bless every shot fired with venomous words from the warp. Ensured to inflict wounds no mortal medicine could heal. The other hand held a enchanted tome with teachings and sorcery for a believer in the powers of chaos. Atop his backpack power unit was mounted the left over part of a heraldic banner now modified to act as a iron halo/rosarius that is also bolstered by his psychic power. This son of Chaos is not alone for he who bears the mark shall forever have the company of the Ruinous Four.

Meet Protaeus Cyr a spacemarine character I created for fun based on the War Hammer 40k spacemarines games and novels.

Keith wilson protaeus cyr

Protaeus Cyr. My O.C. warhammer40k